The Art of Being Melbourne.

Welcome to my blog!

As you can tell by the name its about ART… and MELBOURNE! But what is art? As it was once famously said “Art is in the Eye of the Beholder” which means the whole city is my canvas… the People, the architecture, the vibe, the spirit and of course the art.

Melbourne Snow Dome Globe
Melbourne in a nutshell… Errr, Snow Dome!

This blog will be my slant on this marvellous city and why I have a love affair with Melbourne, I want you to come on a journey with me as I try to explain why this city plays such a big part within the arts for its people and its visitors.

OK… Melbourne isn’t one of the worlds major players like London, Paris and New York, but as you will discover it punches above its weight, not just in art, we love our coffee, food and we are crazy about sport, with some of the major international events stages here and there is the AFL {Australian Football League} a game only played in this country and pulls crowds of 90,000, there is even an arts exhibition around finals time.

So why follow my blogs? Get this… I’m not even a native Melbournian! I was transferred with work many years ago from Adelaide, then moved on to Sydney, but these days Melbourne is my home.

My career was with major international and indie record companies, working with some of the biggest artist in the world, then I made a life change and became part of a community radio station {known as public radio in most other countries} JOY94.9, the only full time gay and lesbian station in Australia and one of a handful in the world.
My roll was working behind the scenes, then I ended up behind the mic. I also did a stint of teaching {music industry], but now I currently produce and co-host a two hour arts program on JOY – Sunday Arts Magazine. I also do walking art tours of Melbourne.


Arts Centre Melbourne White Night 2017
Arts Centre Melbourne – White Night 2017

This town is a Mecca for people within the arts, with creative folk moving here to be around like-minded people. The music – classical, rock, pop, jazz and almost every other form, the Theatre – apart from the traditional companies, there are so many start-up companies, which bring all the writers, directors, actors and set designers to Melbourne. For instance, Musical theatre …just Huge, plus Ballet and contemporary dance, and of course, the visual arts, Melbourne loves its street art and we are blessed with having the amazing NGV – the National Gallery of Victoria.


But the most important ingredients of this city, is its people. Maybe there is something in the water, as Melbourne people embrace their city and its culture.

This blog is for your enjoyment seeing it through my eyes, we will have fun together, so if you are a local or from another place of our wonderful world, enjoy!


Now you have a broad picture of Melbourne, lets start talking arty farty!!

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  1. SO looking forward to being “arty farty” with you Mr Hunt and exploring The ARTS of fabulous Melbourne with you…

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