Vienna Therapy/Nychos street artist.

This city blows me away!!! I was a guest at the launch of Vienna now/forever, boy what a way to promote the city of Vienna!!

There was the usual drinks and nibbles, followed by a speech from someone from Vienna tourism, she then introduced us to Nychos, the international street artist from Vienna. WOW… Then the whole night changed, he was charming, funny and he talked about being in Melbourne about 10 years ago painting illegal street art, he commented on how much this street has changed since he was last here, with it being one of the most exciting cities in the world for street art.

Nychos reason for being there was to showcase his amazing installation Vienna Therapy – Explore your Subconscious, Dessection of Sigmund Freud [another famous person from Vienna] A lot of Nychos artwork he dissects his subject matter. Melbourne is the second stop for this installation, New York the first…

A short walk from the reception and we are in Federation Square [the heartbeat of the city]…it’s nice being a VIP. Across the courtyard I could see it…UNBELIEVABLE and very white, this incredible piece of art lets you take a peek inside the father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud’s brain for a change.

So he’s head is split open, then there’s the skeleton, then the brain leaning over a huge couch that you sit on for a photo op…no don’t get squirmy on me, it is “way-cool”. I love an artist’s mind, apart from creating the masterpiece, the mind that can think of this concept…that’s what makes a true artist, look at Dali and his creative mind.

Sigmund Freud Fed Square
Vienna Therapy Fed Square

Plus there is a miniature white city scape of Vienna, with the famous building highlighted in red and tram track running through the town. You have to use your subconscious mind to move the tram around the streets. What a buzz!!!

This installation is only at Fed Square for 5 days, with Nychos also running workshops and he has a gallery exhibition at Juddy Roller Fitzroy.

In the last few days Nychos has completed a huge mural in Collingwood on the side of a building – Anatomy of a Kangaroo, yep you guested it the kangaroo is dissected, looks amazing, at least don’t miss this Melbourne, just like other famous street artist have left their make…of course you have seen the Keith Haring mural also in Collingwood…I will be covering street art in its own blog in the coming weeks.

Nychos Kangaroo Collingwood
Nychos new street art in Collingwood

Get out on the streets to experience the street art in Melbourne, or join my art walking tourers.

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