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Melbourne Tram Restaurant Tramcar
Melbourne’s famous Restaurant Trams

Why do I have this love affair with Melbourne?


On the week that I will be going live with my blog, which I am even doing a launch for the blog (any reason for a party), I feel I needed to reflect on why I’m having this love affair with Melbourne.

This reflective mood came to me while I started to write this blog sitting in a café right on the beach at St Kilda –   a beautiful morning, quite early, hardly a breeze, the bay dead calm, the odd person already in the water, the sailing boats starting to appear, huge cargo ships coming into port to my right and of course the joggers and walkers.

St Kilda is only a 20 minute tram ride to the heart of the city, by the way as I head into Melbourne around lunch time for my Sunday Arts Magazine radio show, three restaurant trams pass me. These trams are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Melbourne, the décor on-board reminds me of the orient express and the food and wine is excellent!

As I ride into the city on the tram, its packed with people, the buzz is contagious, there are the people who have spent the morning at the beach, maybe breakfast overlooking the bay, or checking the weekend markets. Then the locals heading into the city to shop, eat, theatre or just hang out, check out the latest street art, free concerts and of course the buskers. The city of Melbourne standards quite high re buskers, they have to audition before they receive a licence to perform.

We reach the city and it’s packed, Melbourne has more people on the streets on a weekend than it has on week days…it’s wonderful, people from all walks of life.

…are you starting to feel my vibe about Melbourne?

I head up to the radio station, it’s in an amazing Art Deco building on Burke Street, which has many Art Deco building – beautiful! The studios are on the top floor with great views over inner Melbourne, highlighting the many rooftop bars and a sweeping view up Burke Street to Parliament house with the cathedral spires in the background, stunning.

The two main topics on the program this week are Dance Massive festival and Melbourne Design Week.

We are very lucky to have a few of the contemporary dancers in the studio to talk about their productions. Melbourne, like with so many other art forms is a mecca for contemporary dance, so this festival which accurs every two years bringing together dances and choreographs from around the world, to stage their productions, as well as workshops etc. These performances push the boundaries, maybe you’ll get it maybe you won’t, but that’s what makes contemporary dance so compelling.

St Kilda Clouds Sky
View from the cafe as I write this blog…

Our other guest was the Program curator of Melbourne Design Week (NGV) Timothy Moore, this week pushes the question on what is design and what forms it takes, the purpose is to make the punter look deep, not just on the surface, like with a build, it’s not just about how it looks it’s more about the design of the inner workings…fascinating!

With my head spinning with being blowin’ away with the amazing people I spoke to on my radio show, I headed back to St Kilda for dinner with friends, a warm night, with a holiday the following day St Kilda was jumping, people everywhere. Finding a set in a café with had wonderful discussion and yummy food.

All the above proves to me why I love this city!!!


City of Melbourne

Colonial Tramcar Restaurant

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