David Hunt

Globe Community Awards
David Hunt

David Hunt’s love for life is reflected in his entire working and social life, as he often says, “why do stuff if you can’t enjoy yourself while doing it, OK sometimes at the time you might not enjoy what you are doing, BUT it’s all about the end result”.

David’s working life revolved around the entertainment industry, which then crosses over into his social life. A big chunk of it was with international and indie record companies. Working with the media on all levels – radio, TV, print and online, promoting some of the biggest international and up and coming artist in the world. When artist were in the country David was their man on the ground, his team would set up all media coverage, plus events (special performances, meet-greet). He has been responsible for “breaking” new artist and international acts in Australia, never say never is his motto!

David Hunt Cooking Show
David Hunt on David & Sue’s Cooking Show

With all his contacts, David opens a café which was very successful, the café was often closed for the entertainment business private functions. He then was looking for a new challenge, so he jumped into community radio, as marketing and sponsorship manager, as we all know community radio isn’t cash strapped like the commercial stations, David loved it and made huge inroads! Ten years down the track he is still very involved, but these days as a presenter/producer of Sunday Arts Magazine, the arts is his passion and this is why he now has a blog – The Art of Being Melbourne and arts walking tours.